Experts suggest that a key way to improve teen sleep is to delay the start of the school day to 8:30 a.m. or later. This could not only help teens achieve the recommended amount of sleep per day, but could also help improve their overall health and well-being.
Our January Mott Poll report asked parents of teens 13-18 about the impact of gaming on their teens’ lives.
Our November Mott Poll report asked parents with children in middle, junior high, or high school about their views on the role of parents and schools in recognizing youth depression.
Our October Mott Poll report asked parents of children age 4-9 years about their approach to playdate invitations.
Without proper guidance or education from health care professionals, misinformation and misconceptions about organ donation can hinder a parent’s decision on whether or not to register their child as an organ donor.
Our August Mott Poll report asked parents of children 0-18 years old about how primary care offices should handle children whose parents refuse all vaccines.
Our July Mott Poll report asked parents of teens 14-18 years old about their efforts to support their teens' independence.
Our June Mott Poll report asked fathers of children 0-13 about their perceptions of being criticized about their parenting style.
Our April Mott Poll report asked parents of teens 14-18 about their opinions and concerns about their teens using ride sharing services.
Those most affected by the recent measles outbreak are children under 10 whose parents had chosen not to vaccinate. Almost all states require vaccines for children who attend school and daycare, but even with requirements some children do not receive all vaccines.