Parent traffic hazardous to student safety

1 in 3 parents worry that school traffic is a danger for kids

Half of parents say their child walks through the car drop-off or pick-up area when going to or from school. Over one-third of parents say drivers not paying attention or speeding are major problems around their child’s school. 1 in 3 parents say schools should suspend or ban parents who do not follow traffic rules from entering the school parking area.

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Keeping an eye on children's vision

Just half of parents recognize screen time impact on children's eye health

Only half of parents recognize that screen time has a major impact on their child’s eye health. Most parents overlook simple actions to protect children’s eyes, such as wearing protective eyewear when playing sports and sunglasses when outside. 1 in 7 parents say their child has not had a vision test or seen an eye doctor in the past 2 years.

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Minimize risks when celebrating with sparklers and fireworks

Some parents skip steps to minimize firework risks to kids

2 in 3 parents say their child always follows the rules when using sparklers. 1 in 5 parents would allow their child age 10 or younger to help set off fireworks. Only 1 in 5 parents said children sat at least 100 feet away from where aerial fireworks were being set off.

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considering camp? don't overlook health and safety

Safety not always top of mind for parents choosing kids' summer camp

Less than half of parents rate general safety policies as essential to their camp decision. 1 in 12 parents report that a summer camp would need to accommodate their child's health issue. Only half of parents feel very confident they can tell if a summer camp is safe and healthy for their child.

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