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These are parents' biggest worries as kids go back to school

Today's Parent

Cyberbullying concerns plague 1 in 3 parents, study finds

Consumer Affairs

Parents’ top 10 children’s health concerns (and how to handle them)

Michigan Health

Back-to-school worries: A new survey reveals parents' top concerns

Parents Magazine

Despite benefits, many parents of teens against later school start times


Back-to-school worries for parents? One in three very concerned bullying, cyberbullying


One-third parents in US concerned about cyber bullying: Survey

Yahoo! News

Despite benefits, half of parents against later school start times


Study: Half of parents against later school start times


Study finds parents of teens don't know vaccination schedules

Drug Topics

Mom shaming or helpful advice?

Mommy-shaming isn't just a problem for celebrities


Most mothers feel judged, with families often the worst critics

New York Times

Your teen is probably missing key vaccines for a really foolish reason

Reader's Digest

Parents are falling behind on teenage vaccinations

Metro Parent

Parenting on trial: The impact of 'mom shaming'

Metro Parent

When it comes to 'sharenting,' new parents are divided over online footprints

What's behind the low vaccine rate among teens?

Yes, your teen still needs vaccines -- & they might be missing important ones


Weekly reminder that you're not a better mom than all the other moms

Refinery 29

Parental knowledge of teen vaccine recommendations lacking

Consumer Affairs

Parents, get your teens their vaccines!


Many parents aren't aware their teens need crucial vaccines

Parents Magazine

Atención, padres: sus hijos adolescentes también necesitan vacunas


Good health: Teens missing vaccines