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74 percent of parents would remove their kids from daycare if other children are unvaccinated

Boston Globe

Survey: 74% might pull kids from day care over vaccines

USA Today

Moms more likely than dads to check for sugars on nutrition labels

Sacramento Bee
Toledo News Now

The Great Foreskin Debate: Why the Midwest leads the world in infant circumcision and what the hell that says about us

Metro Times

Some concussion education more useful than others, parents say

Toledo News Now

Many Parents Use Online Ratings to Pick a Pediatrician, Study Finds

Top 10 children's health concerns

New poll finds some suprising answers concerning children's health

Michigan Radio

U-M study finds obesity, bullying and gun-related violence among top childhood health concerns


Gun violence in top five concerns parents have for children: poll

NY Daily News

School violence and gun-related injuries rank among top concerns for American families

Huffington Post

Gun violence in schools among parents’ main concerns


School violence, gun-related injury among top 10 child health concerns nationally


Parents want docs to stay out of circumcision decision

Health Day

Wellness Wednesday: The Circumcision Decision

Circumcision info, not directives from health-care providers, required by parents

Medical News Today

Parents want info about circumcision, not directives from healthcare providers

Boston Globe
Health Canal