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What is the National Poll on Children's Health?

The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health (NPCH) is designed to measure current national public opinion, perceptions, and priorities regarding major health care issues and trends for U.S. children and people in their communities. The NPCH, launched in 2007, is funded by the Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases at the University of Michigan (U-M) Health System, and is located within the U-M Division of General Pediatrics Child Health Evaluation and Research (CHEAR) Unit.

Can I schedule an interview regarding the NPCH?

Yes, you can contact us via the contact form or call 734-764-2220 to speak to a public relations representative and schedule an interview with the NPCH team.

How often are new NPCH Reports published?

New NPCH Reports are published about once a month.

How often are NPCH surveys conducted?

The National Poll on Children’s Health is fielded three times per year. Findings from surveys are published in monthly Reports.

Does NPCH publish the questions asked in surveys?

Yes, survey questions are available for every Report. To view the questions for a specific Report, click on the Survey Questions tab on the report page.

How can I receive new NPCH Reports when they’re published?

Sign up for the NPCH mailing list to receive new Reports via email as soon as they’re published. You can also follow the NPCH on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ or subscribe to the NPCH RSS feed. Reports are released about once a month.


What topics will NPCH cover in future polls?

Polls are conducted to address a wide variety of children's health and health policy issues. The goal is to address issues that are timely and highly relevant to the public’s concerns about children’s health. We include topics that span the age spectrum from infancy to adolescence. If you have ideas, you can suggest a topic for NPCH surveys. You can also call the NPCH team at 734-936-2453 to give your suggestion.

How are findings from the NPCH reported?

Specific findings are presented as National Poll on Children's Health Reports, and available on the reports page. For each Report, an accompanying press release is available. Findings appear in local, regional, and national press and also in academic publications. NPCH findings are also reported via social media.

How is the NPCH conducted?

The NPCH conducts frequent polls on health and health policy issues for children and their families, using nationally representative scientific probability samples of approximately 2000 U.S. households with and without children. The sample is obtained by using an innovative, rigorous, established web-based survey technology provided by a private vendor (Knowledge Networks). Each sample is subsequently weighted to reflect the latest U.S. population figures from the Census Bureau. Several children’s health topics are addressed in each poll. For more information, read about the NPCH survey methods.

Why is the NPCH conducted?

Timely findings from the NPCH will contribute to public dialogue on children’s health and health policy. Findings may also inform new policy initiatives and research ideas regarding a wide range of children's health issues, including obesity, bullying, insurance coverage, preventive services, access to care, smoking and other substance use, vaccines, and other leading health concerns for children and adolescents.